ONLY 1 Visa Gift Card


  • The Only 1 Visa Gift Card is a prepaid card that can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted and processed electronically, subject to merchant acceptance.
  • The Only 1 Visa Gift Card carries the Visa logo like any Visa card, but because it is a prepaid card, spending is limited to the amount of money placed on the Visa Gift Card at the time of purchase.
  • Choose any amount from $25-$1,000, loaded on to a prepaid Only 1 Visa Card.  It cannot be reloaded with additional funds once initially loaded.
  • Only1 Visa Cards are prepackaged with terms and conditions of use contained inside.
  • Each card has a $5.95 card fee in addition to the load value of each card.
  • Simple one-step card activation process. NO NASTY OR SNEAKY HIDDEN FEES – like some of our competitors.
  • Only1 Visa Gift Card balances & transactions can be checked free online at

How to order . . .
Call us for a quote on 1300 702 302 or email

  • If you wish to pay with Amercian Express, Visa or MasterCard please indicate when we quote.
  • We will provide you with details of your order and send you an invoice by email for payment.
  • As soon as payment is received for the total cost of the invoice we will commence to package and arrange overnight delivery of your order.
  • Allow a business day for payment clearance by the banks.
  • Fulfillment services to end user and multi destinations are available, ask us for a quote.
  • Handling/Delivery (using Express Post): Single Card $12.95, 1-10 Cards $15.95,  11-40 cards $21.95,  40+ cards $26.95

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Additional information

 Where can I use my Only 1 Visa Gift Card? You can use your Only 1 Visa Gift Card wherever Prepaid Visa cards are accepted. You can use it to make online purchases, at more than one merchant and to make purchases outside of Australia (purchases made in foreign currency are subject to a Currency Conversion Fee of 3.5%). You cannot use your Visa Gift Card: – at an ATM for any purpose to withdraw cash or for cash equivalent transactions – anywhere there is no electronic processing capability – for recurring payments, direct debits or instalments – at gambling merchants – at merchants displaying the Visa logo who choose not to accept prepaid Visa Gift Cards.

How do I use it? The amount of every purchase you make will automatically be deducted from the value on the card. You should select the “credit” option when making a purchase at any merchant with a keypad. The Visa Gift Card cannot be reloaded with additional funds. Spending is limited to the amount of money placed on the Visa Gift Card at the time of purchase.

Only1 Visa gift cards do not have a PIN – they are “signature only”. To use this type of card select CREDIT. If the terminal asks you to enter a PIN, select OK or ENTER, & sign the receipt.

How can I check the balance on my Visa Gift Card? visit Checking the balance or viewing the transaction history online is available at no cost. for more information, terms & Conditions go to